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Saturday, March 13

Interview with Frisk

frisk at it


1. Besides art & music what else drives you?
My two children who I dont get to see

2. Favourite character from the Muppets?
Gotta be Animal!

3. Window or isle?

4. 3 favourite colours to use?
I dont really have three favourite colours....

5. First thing on your mind most mornings?

6. Favourite artist to collaborate with?
Adam Mclevey ....would really like to paint with Illjoseph..

frisk n crew

frisk marilyn


• What style of art do you create & where did it start for you?
I paint portraits mostly....but dont think I have a "style" as I tend to experiment with every new piece, I've worked that way from an early age..

• Who was your main inspiration at the start?
Gotta say Zephyr, Iz the Wiz,Seen and Futura....they made me do it!

• What are you trying to say or create with your art?
Not trying to say anything with my art,if my work gets a smile I think my job is done.

• Where have you taken your art or had it put up?
I've taken my work around the UK and exhibited in galleries both here and abroad....I intend to travel more this year!

• How have you used your art to change your lifestyle?
My lifestyle changed drastically when I quit my job to become a full-time artist

• How does the community benefit from your art?
It's not as grey!


• With the boom of urban art & the many classifications such as street art, graffiti, bombers. . How do you view these styles & what would you like to say about them?
I hate the way the different styles are pigeon-holed...Bomb it! Spray it! Paste it! Then do it again! Peace.

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